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Which cable is the best for me?

Hi everyone, i have a soundcraft signature 22 mtk and i am wondering which cable should i use to plug my guitar, bass, keyboards... into console's hi-z inputs. The guide says all the line inputs are balanced, so i am afraid that by using a regular TS cable i can be causing any damage or at least i wouldn't be using the mixer at the best. So which cable should i be using in order to not cause any damage and use my mixer at the best it can reach? TRS-TRS cable? TS-TS cable? that weird TS-TRS cable? Should i buy an Direct box? what are your sggestions? Thanks a lot!


  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    You can use a regular instrument TS cable and plug it into the 1/4' Jack on the Signature with the HIZ switch depressed and it will work fine. This is more or less the same as using a direct box as we are matching impedance and have the gain adjusted to the expect instrument level

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