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The “scuiwlan” password does not give me access!

Just bought and turned on the ui24r.
I go to settings/network/config and a pop up ask me for username and password.
If I try typing anything it does not go further but brings the same pop up.
When i choose login without typing anything, it brings me to “admin login” page where it tells me that my password is incorrect. And waits for a password.
I tried putting “scuiwlan” to no avail, tells me incorrect password.
Or the previous pop up shows up and again same problem.
What gives?
Please help ASAP!


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    HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184
    edited June 2021

    Try Admin for user name and password. The Scuiwlan is the password for the built in Wifi/hotspot

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    Thanks! I had to read the whole manual to do that.
    Now another question,please.
    If I enabe wifi, enter the ssid and password of my home wifi, two things happen. The UI hotspot does not show up anymore, and when I try to reach the IP address it does not work at all. So I always have to reset. ANd yes I always do a full power circle after I turn wifi on. Still nothing..So I have to do a reset to go back to Hotspot….

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    HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    The Ui Hotspot disappears because you are now using the Hotspot to connect wirelessly to your home router. The does not work because you are now going through your home router so the IP addresss must be in the range of the router. It would likely be a good idea to reserve an IP for the UI24R in the home router's management software or to use static IP.

    However general best practice is to use a wired connection Via LAN to a dedicated wireless router for the Ui24R. This is the most reliable method and would absolutely be the way to go if using wireless devices to control the UI24R it in a professional application. There's a lot of resources on how to do that.. here's one. You might also become a memeber of the UI24R user group on FB. Very helpful.


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