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Signature 12MTK driver questions

I have recently purchased a Soundcraft signature 12 mtk.
The driver which I downloaded from the Soundcraft site does not seem to work correctly with Windows 10.
The choice of outputs does not show in Windows 10 control panel and the default outputs are on 2 mono tracks, 1 and 2 with no option to select a stereo track.
It's very annoying because I want to use the Interval Mute feature which mutes all channels except 11/12 and I can't do that without being able to route Windows audio to that channel.
The driver works fine with Windows 7 where all the outputs are shown in the control panel.
I have read elsewhere on this forum that the Notepad Firmware and Control Panel Setup - Windows v2.0.4 may solve the problem and I wonder has anyone else done this?
I don't want to uninstall the original driver and install one for a different product if there is a chance that it may cause more problems than it solves.

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