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Ui24r DAW returns...

Advice/help needed please.
I have a recurring problem using the Ui24r with Reaper.
The main L/R outs of Reaper are patched back to virtual channels 24 & 24 for monitoring. At randon intervals the signal into 23/24 stops completely. Sometimes restarting Reaper soIves it, other times have to reboot the Ui24r.
I have disabled all usb power saving in my laptop. Is this a known bug in the Ui?
Thanks in advance for any advice.


  • HARMAN_TderHARMAN_Tder Posts: 184

    None that i'm aware of... you might try posting this on the Ui24R Facebook Group. Plenty of Reaper and other workstation owners on there. This seems like perhaps some sort of wordclock issue where its dropping sync and then muting.

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