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UI24r Sub Groups in Aux-Mix

We use the UI24R as a InEar-Monitoring solution in our rehearsal room, so all we use is 3 individual stereo-aux mixes (the main mix is basically turned to 0). Is there a way to create a subgroup for, say, all drum mics, so every player can turn the drums up and down in their in ear mix, using just one fader? Maybe I'm missing something here? Seems like something that should be very easy and not complicated at all? ;) Thanks in advance for any tips!


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    modmod Posts: 2

    Yes, that is easy. Very easy. Be aware that UI24R is a matrix mixer. Most people missed that feature.

    1) Use subgroups for each and every instrument.
    2) Send FX returns to unused AUX, e.g. 9 and 10.
    3) Configure all other AUX as MTX (Matrix), even it they are not used at all.
    4) Be aware that use can use the otherwise unused masters to record your rehearsal in a handy stereo track.


    1) Each channel can be assigned to one of the 6 sub groups. This can be done by clicking on the channel number at the bottom. A small "s" will be visible once it is assigned. We assign it that way:
    Sub 1: Bass
    Sub 2: Drums (10 mics)
    Sub 3: Keyboards (already mixed down as stereo), Line In, Media Player
    Sub 3: Guitar (stereo effects)
    Sub 5: Backing Vocal (in our Band just our guitar player does this)
    Sub 6: Lead Vocals
    If a channel is assign to a sub group than the channel will no longer route to the master directly but just via the subgroup. So adjust all drum mics via the channel faders to a proper relation ship. Adjust the overall drum level via its sub fader.
    All sub groups are stereo per definition, so if you assign to AUX per person than you will also have a stereo in -ear signal.
    It makes sense for us to have line in and media player in the keys subgroup because key are treated as "ready to use" like a CD. Because you are only 3 person you should not need this trade-off.
    Having the vocals on the highest sub group number is useful once you discover the "ducker" feature.

    2) Unfortunately FX returns are always mono for all AUX outputs. Hopefully this will be changed in future. FX in stereo is only possible at master output. Even if you use 2 AUX per person the FX will be mono. You can see this at the LED: 2 LED bars at FX return in the master but just 1 LED bar in the AUX sections.
    At the "AUX SEND" menu you should send FX4 to AUX10, FX3 to AUX 9, FX2 to AUX8 and FX 1 to AUX7. Adjust each FX return to 0dB so that there is no need to open this menu in future again. AUX1/2, AUX 3/4 and AUX 5/6 can be used for your individual mixes.

    3) Configure AUX1/2, AUX 3/4 and AUX 5/6 as MTX. Do not forget to rename them, otherwise you will get lost some day. Why configuration as MTX is much easier than configuration as AUX is obvious if you now go to "AUX SENDS": Start with MTX1/2. As you can see all misleading fader are not present, you just have a tiny set of faders, i.e. 6 stereo sub groups and the AUX7/8/9/10 for the FX returns. It is not possible and also not needed that one can send a channel to a MTX. This makes life easy and there is no need to select significant channels by the "view" buttons.
    MTX1/2: Adjust the mix for person #1 by the 6 sub group faders and 4 FX faders.
    MTX3/4: Adjust the mix for person #2 by the 6 sub group faders and 4 FX faders.
    MTX5/6: Adjust the mix for person #3 by the 6 sub group faders and 4 FX faders.

    4) Having a stereo recording is really handy. Each band member can listen to it while one is driving home. It helps to get the mixer better and better of the time.

    BTW: are you aware of the feature "more me"? Useful on stage.

    Hope this helps.

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    ConstantMConstantM Posts: 1
    edited November 2023

    hello, i have the same issue but i cant really spare the aux's since i need all 8 of them + two virtual ones that i send to the headphone 1 for the 5 stereo mixes of my band members. i have tried with vca but i cant do it either. is there any other way i can do that? or at least also have available the tracks in the matrix mode. btw does the matrix mode support stereo aux normally?


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