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Newbie getting started with FX16ii

Hello folks this is my first post here.
I have just bought an FX16ii and it is the first mixer I have owned and need some help getting started. I am a guitar player that has recently swerved off into the swirling worlds of Ambient and want to start recording my adventures! So far I have connected my pedalboard and set input gain (this is as far as the user guide goes so I am stuck at this stage!)....I have audio in my headphones and it sounds lovely. I want to be able to bring my buddy's modular synths (stereo) into the desk along with my pedalboard, hear the mix in the monitors while sending pedalboard and synths to two separate channels on his portastudio. I know this is really basic but at this point I literally have no idea how to achieve this....any help or links to helpful threads etc would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!
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