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UI24R V3.3 - Clipping of Media Player - 6dB too high


after updating from OS V3.0 to V3.3 the media player seems to have a major bug.

The volume is about 6dB too high, i.e. any WAV16 or MP3 file cannot be played without audible distortion. This misleading level is also visible at the LED indicator chain. Remarkable peaks over 0dB are visible.

Obviously this is a bug because WAV16 and MP3 uses fixed point and therefore the peak level cannot be grater than 0dB.

If I use WAV/MP3 which have a peak level of -6dB full scale than everything is fine. Peaks on LED indicator chain are close to 0dB but always below 0dB, i.e. no distortion.

Has anybody seen this effect, too?

I contacted the support but they do not even answer. I downgraded to V3.0. I did not find a solution.



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    rbonrbon Posts: 1


    Sorry, I know this post is older, but I have this issue too. Were you ever able to figure it out?



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