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Ui24R HDMI output runs at only 1280x720 on 1920x1080 monitor

I've just bought a new Ui24R and 22" Touchscreen HDMI monitor so that I can operate it independently if needed through the HDMI and USB ports on the side of the Ui24R.
The monitor is a HANNspree HT225HPB, and has a 22" display with 1920x1080 pixel resolution, and runs fine at that resolution when used with a laptop or computer. But when I connect it to the Ui24R it only runs at 1280x720, which means I only get 10 faders across the display, instead of 16, which is rather disappointing.
I've upgraded to the latest v3.3 Firmware, but that makes no difference.
Has anyone else come across this issue? And is there a solution?



    Connect a USB keyboard to ui24r.
    Plus key while control key that's a zoom out shortcut keys available.

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