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White Noise Through the MTK 22

AmphibiaAmphibia Posts: 1

Hi Everyone,

Having some troubles with white noise and my set-up. I'm running MTK 22's --> Mogami Gold Balanced XLR --> Adam Audio Sub 8 --> Cordial Peak XLR --> Focal SM9's.

Even with all the faders completely down on the MTK 22, I'm getting a solid amount of white noise through the Focals. With nothing running through the desk, pushing the master volume increases the amount of white noise through the monitors. Past +dB on the master fader, and the white noise becomes resonant.

The moment I take the XLR out of the MTK 22, the white noise stops. So I'm inclined to think that it's the MTK 22 causing the issue.

Has anyone else had similar problems? Any suggestions at working through the problem?

Many many thanks,


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