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UI24R Multitrack Recording USB Issue - is there finally a working solution?

Hi there,
after trying almost any suggested idea, I am still not able to get multitrack recodring on USB or SSD with Power Hub working. I tried all kinds of FAT32 formatting, SSD not bigger than 32GB, different fast enough USB Sticks. Always same behavior „File not complete or corrupt“. Latest firmware installed, all other Features working fine. Any ideas for a 100% safe setup? (Tried also Samsung SSD).


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    I got the same problem!

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    I haven't bought one of these yet, but am very interested in this thread, seeing as this will be one of my main reasons for buying this unit. I will want to be able to record onto an external hard drive or appropriate stick while playing live, then put this external drive into my computer later, pick it up with my DAW and play with it.

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    Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I've gone through the support route, have suitable usb drives and still can't multitrack record. 2 channel records fine. When I try to multitrack record all it does is populate the drive with track names. The timer doesn't even start just goes to 00:00 and stays there.
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    IS 32G the largest USB Key that can be used?? Is FAT32 the format that needs to be used?
    Does the UI24r format the drive itself?
    Can't find anywhere this question is answered. Lot of problems mentioned about USB connectivity.
    Missed opportunity to limit to 32G if that is the case. Could plug a 256G SSD in and record quite a bit.

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    I can't say anything about using a power hub, but I have had success multitracking with a 128GB USB thumb drive. Just has to be quick enough to continuously transfer the data.

    Formatted in FAT 32 with guiformat: http://ridgecrop.co.uk/index.htm?guiformat.htm

    It's a myth that you cannot have bigger FAT32 partitions, came from a restriction in the Windows formatting tool.
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    I haven't seen such problem.
    Go to the recorder section, click the Multitrack Config tab, Select Channels which you want to record and the recoding format (FLAC, WAV something).
    Then back to the Multitrack tab. Now the Rec button starts the recording.

    You can format the USB drive larger than 32GB to FAT32 by using RUFUS.

    You may search the YOUTUBE in this sentence.
    "How to Format USB Drive Larger Than 32GB to FAT32"

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