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windows doesn`t open the ui-mixer.io interface

Hi. I can't open the ui-mixer.io window app on my desktop.
I have set up the Soundcraft Ui12 internet, and when I write "ui-mixer.io" I can only see a demo window of the ui-mixer.io app
I got two antivirus installed on my PC, do they interfere with the APP?


  • Hi
    Since the time you probably solved it, but this could be useful to document
    If you mean a web page like the one below , then it means that you are connected simultaneously to your Soundcraft by Wifi, and another network (wired probably).
    And when you type "ui-mixer.io", then it goes first on your other network connection to the Internet. And a "smart" guy has registered the same domain name, which open this scam web site.

    Quick & easy solution : turn off the other network connection (disconnect wire) so you have only Soundcraft wifi enabled. Open the mixing console with the address
    Once opened, you can turn on again the other connection.

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