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Notepad FX12 - Zoom Audio looping/echoing

Hello everyone.

I am a proud owner of a Notepad FX12. We are currently using it as an audio interface for Zoom on a macOS platform. Inputs would be a microphone and a keyboard as we lead worship/sing songs via Zoom.

In Zoom, both microphone/input and speaker/output use the Notepad FX12 as the source. Then the sound is heard/monitored through headphones output on the mixer.

We do know that channels 9/10 become the input for all the sound that happens on the computer (in this case my Macbook). When the volume is turned up, the audio from the Zoom call will be heard in the mix.

And here is where the problem lies.

So let's say someone starts to talk on Zoom. Their vocal audio enters through channel 9/10. What happens is that their audio sounds like it's looping or doing an echo.

Now as much as I can turn off channel 9/10, I cannot because there's a time when the pastor prays towards the end of my playing and I need to hear him pray. But with the current situation, he prays like there's an echo (like a loop).

One way to fix this problem is that we assigned Input 3+4 as mic input 3+4 instead of Mix L+R. Now we can't hear any loop/echo anymore and the sounds/talks from Zoom can be heard from the headphone monitors.

But the problem is that all the EQ/reverb/etc. are gone (and it seems that it all bypasses these). So when we sing, there is no reverb (since we are not using the Mix L+R) feature.

I read something about multi-channel but it seems to only be for Windows and not for macOS.

All I really want is for me to hear the conversations/talk/pray in Zoom, the removal of the loop/echo, and hear myself sing with the EQ and effects.

Thank you in advance for your help. Looking forward to your responses.



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