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Soundcraft UI24R Headphone PFL/AFL


Im looking at getting the UI24R, but trying to figure out headphone monitoring. If the desk is backstage and connected wirelessly. Can the iPad/browser device be used with headphones to monitor sound PFL/AFL sound out put etc.

Or can headphones only be plugged directly into the desk?

Thanks in advance


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    akaynarovakaynarov Posts: 3

    I am also wondering for this

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    edited March 14

    Browser controllers don't have the wireless audio transfer. It's too heavy for the device. And that latency would be not good for live usage. If you can permit the latency, you may use some such transfer apps for yourself by using your favorite one on PC connection but actually external wireless IEM device would be better if you need wireless in live mix situation.

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    GertGert Posts: 2
    edited April 4

    Short answer: NOPE. Sorry.
    iPad/tablet/phone is remote control only, no sound is transported any which way.

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