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My iPad Pro does not recognize the Notepad 12-fx as the input device.

I live stream on my iPad Pro using Uplive (a live-streaming application), I used to connect the mixer to the iPad through the aux with an iRig. Whenever I have to sing high notes, the vocal clips and the sound distorts into a distracting "static-like" noise. I adjusted the mic gain but it still does the same thing; if I lower the gain too much, I was told that my vocals were faint. I tried connecting it through the USB input with an adapter (since the iPad has a type c port), but it does not recognize the Notepad 12-fx as an audio device. Is the mixer incompatible with Apple products? Could anyone please teach me how to set up the iPad Pro with the mixer? Is there any reason why my audio clips despite the mic gain set at a safe level? (I also changed the mic cable, my mic is Shure SM58). Thank you!

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