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Aux outputs

Hi! Sorry for the basic of my question but I’m really new in audio things. I have a Ui24r and I need know if I can connect monitor earphones for the band directly in this outputs (with a adaptor or whatever) or I need necessarily an earphones amplifier? In other words, are this outputs auto amplifier? I hope I am used the correct terms.


  • Headphones have a high impedance stereo connection while the aux outputs are XLR. There are two headphone jacks on the unit already. If you require the signal from the Aux output specifically, you can use cue monitoring through the headphone ports. If this will not do for some reason, you will need to connect two aux XLR ports configured as stereo aux outputs to a headphone amp that accepts XLR inputs. There are also devices specifically made to convert two low impedance XLR channels to high impedance stereo signals for the headphone amp.

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