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Some newbie questions

Hi All, I would like to use my Ui24R on my desktop computer, and have a few questions

Is there anyway to get the software that comes with the mixer on to my computer as a program rather than browser based or without having to use a browser? Although I am able to connect the Ui24r to my computer using USB chord and was able to get my DAW to recognize it, my desktop can't connect to the Ui hotspot and therefore I can't actually access the software (mixer etc) that comes with the Ui24r. (As an aside, I can get internet on my desktop but only by connecting my phone and tethering using 4G, but this doesn't help me access the software).

After connecting the mixer to my DAW I did some test recordings by plugging a microphone into input 1, and sure enough they recorded fine, the input meters were moving, but when I played back I couldn't get any sound out of it. I used earphones, I plugged in monitors into master outputs, but nothing came out, even though the master channel volume strip was showing volume. I am wondering if it is because I can't access the mixers software and the volume levels might all be set to zero??

I also wondering if one needs to use a third party DAW (I use Cubase LE at the moment)? Can the software that comes with the Ui24R do all the things a DAW can if I could install it or access it on my desktop computer?

Many thanks if anyone could help me on this


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