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broken input on soundcraft ui24r?


i have a SoundCraft UI24r which has a failing channel 5 input. the device is no longer under warranty (bought in february 2018).

i tested with XLR and Jack TS input on channel 5, with or without phantom power, and can see some level going in, but nothing above -60dB.

when bringing the gain of input 5 up, i can hear a small click when the gain passes above +42dB. when bringing it down, as it passes below +41dB, i hear a very loud click.

channel 15 and all other inputs are working correctly. all hw outputs work as expected. when setting channel 5 input to usb-daw, i could check the effects and sends also work as expected.

what procedure would you recommend to test, isolate, and repair this issue?

cheers, piem

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