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Ui24 suddenly drops all output signals and sound

Have a Soundcraft Ui24 mixer, and suddenly during a performance all output dropped: no sound through any master nor auxiliary outputs. I control the mixer via a web browser, and my screen showed "Connecting...". Within 5 seconds all sound returned, and we didn't have that problem again.

Normally, if my iPad loses connection with the mixer, the mixer maintains its settings instead of turning everything off. And a mixer that restarts takes longer to reboot than what we experienced.

Has anyone had this trouble before? Any suggestions about how to fix it?

Here's our setup: the mixer is connected by cable to a dedicated router (which does nothing but provide a private network for connection to this mixer). The router is password-protected, preventing unwanted access to that wireless network. The Ui24 is also password-protected. We control the mixer with 2 iPads; one is logged in with the password for full control (mine), and another is not logged in, giving it only control of one particular aux output (it allows our keyboard player to control her own monitor mix). The second iPad cannot mute the master fader. We had a USB stick plugged into the Play port, and was playing audio through it.

I cannot reason how the sound was turned off "accidentally" by a user. I can't reason that someone my iPad lost wifi connection and that turned everything off for a moment. Nothing really makes sense.


  • i4plyi4ply Posts: 1

    I am having the same issue, about 3hrs into a 4hr show. It reboots, thought it was heat related but it doesn't feel abnormally warm

  • Had the same experience several hours into a long festival day. By the time I ran up to the stage to look at the mixer, the mains had come back on. During the same day, input 4 began making a loud popping noise in at least one monitors. After replacing the mic, and then the cable, I realized that it was making the noise with nothing plugged in, and then that it was not in the mains, only the aux out. I moved off of channel 4 and determined to troubleshoot it later. The next morning I arrived early to test (mixer had been powered off overnight). Everything was quiet and worked as normal. Buggy.

  • I was also unable to find the delay on the aux outputs. I didn’t have a DSP in line, so I ran the front fills without delay. And then turned them off. Disappointing first use overall.

  • Update. I can’t find this documented anywhere, but if you hold the master
    Aux label button, the popup menu includes output delay (up to 500ms).

  • TomCTomC Posts: 1

    So why does Harmon not acknowledge and comment on this problem?

  • jc_dcjc_dc Posts: 1
    Same problem. I use the Ui24 mixer for many hours a day, for several days in a row at events. It will completely drop out for several seconds at least once (sometimes twice) a day. I’ve had it serviced twice but it continues happen. Not sure what do at this point, but to send it in again. Any recommendations would be much appreciated.
  • lizetteandlizetteand Posts: 1

    I'm having the same issues as all of you. :-(

  • PHAPHA Posts: 1
    Unfortunately same problem here during the first time using it in a gig. Hopefully Harman / Soundcraft can give a solution?
  • highviewhighview Posts: 1
    Same problem here to!
  • normann1974normann1974 Posts: 6

    One of my friends' UI24 has the same problem if it is left on for hours. It once rebooted during a live performance which was critical. Sounds like a firmware bug.

  • mrbasingermrbasinger Posts: 1
    I am beyond frustrated with my Ui24R. I love its features, but it is entirely unreliable. I’ve had the exact same issue described by others. About 3 hours into a show, the mixer will suddenly reboot. No sound and no connection through external WiFi. It’s as if someone just shut it down and back on, but that’s not the case. It just happens for no apparent reason. I’ve tried putting an external exhaust fan in the rack thinking it was heat related, but the issue still occurred. Someone told me we should make sure the mixer and our subs are on different circuits, but the issue still persists. I sent the mixer back to Harmon and was given a loaner, and it experienced the same issue. Oh, and Harmon said they couldn’t recreate the issue and sent it back to me.

    This issue is unacceptable. I spent good money on this mixer, and I just want it to work reliably. There is just something fundamentally wrong here, and I am infuriated that Harmon will not acknowledge the issue and fix it, when clearly this happens regularly to users of the mixer.

    I want to know how to fix this, or I want my money back. I’m fed up and demand an answer!
  • Has anyone come up with a solution yet?? Just had this happen twice today during a conference. Everything cuts for about 10 seconds. Does updating the firmware have any affect?

  • gilpinheirogilpinheiro Posts: 1

    Any solution for this problem? I have experienced UI24 hang for about 10 seconds in several services at our church for a few years now. It appears to be a bug.

  • Hass anyone solved this issue, or should I switch to Beringer? Even lost the Gain control to ch 10 after paying $400 for service a year ago...

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