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Unit locked

Hello good people!
I recently came into possession of a soundcraft ui-16. Actually it's been used by the band I play with for a couple years now. I felt it was being criminally under utilized and we've run into some issues during shows that stalled our setup on several occasions. I asked to take it to learn it's ins and outs. I feel I'm a pretty tech savvy individual, so I thought I could learn it's intricacy's.

Well....I've run into some issues. Many features seem to be locked. I've done every reset I can think to do. I've done it without the usb, with the usb with the masterpass.txt and fullreset.txt. None of these will let me into the Access page in a way that I can set my own password. This also seems to lock me out of other functions on the device.

So my question is.....how do I reset the Master Global password?

P.S. As "tech savvy" that I think that I am, it's entirely possible that I'm overlooking something completely obvious. Otherwise I think there is an issue with this thing. But honestly, I just hope I'm an idiot and that someone can set me straight!

Thanks in advanced!


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    Alright guys....disregard the above message. I actually got it unlocked with the USB/masterpass.txt . I just found and used a very small USB thumb drive. I suspect that during previous attempts had I waited longer it would have worked.

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    could you please post the link to download that file please

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