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why my ui24r don't recognize the usb stick?

I work With Guitar Center and bought the ui24r but it doesn't want to read the usb (any size)


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    Jay7272Jay7272 Posts: 1
    Same here, have you got a solution yet?
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    tboztboz Posts: 3

    Yes, all of the sudden the same memory stick I’ve used multiple times before for multitracking is not loading or being recognized. Either does any other stock I try. Come on Harmon. This unit is used in the studio. The unit doesn’t even move.

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    TommyKTommyK Posts: 2

    The same situation with me. A firmware update is also not possible because no stick is recognised.
    Furthermore, it is not possible to load a preset/snapshot, even if they are displayed in the menu for selection. Even after a restart, everything is back to the factory settings, except for the network configuration...

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    Wow, no responses on this. I thought I was buying quality equipment with a proven track record. Turns out, I guess, that they won't even acknowledge a common problem.

    Next time I won't be buying Soundcraft!

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