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Soundcraft Si Impact and live recording

tkvalotkvalo Posts: 2

Hi folks.
I'm quite a newbie in this mixing / recording game, but I came by a demo used Si Impact at half the price, so I had to get it :smile:

Now, as far as I have understood when mixing for live performance you gain the inputs so that they almost peak when at max sound level. At least that's the theory. Please correct me if I'm wrong. But when mixing for recording my impression is that most recording engineers says that one should have at least 6dB of headroom so that you can add effects post recording.

So what do you do when recording live? Do you create a separate mix for the recording and send that to the DAW? I guess I would like to record the same inputs as we are using FOH, but how do I route the effects used on the FOH to the DAW?

By the way I'm using Presonus Studio One 5 as my DAW and have set my mixer inputs to use MADI USB-outputs from 33 to 64 in the console, so I can record all my inputs, but they sound very dry, with no effects.

Best regards
Trond Kvalo

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