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Ui24R multitrack recording -- how to record EQ / FX ?

I see the same behavior as posted by Highway79 ( Ui16 ) on my Ui24R: Multitrack recording just takes the unprocessed input signal ( no EQ, no FX ).
Is there a way to change this, e.g. switch multitrack channel recording to post EQ ?
Alternatively, as a workaround:
Is there a way to patch e.g. an AUX or FX channel to one of the multitrack slots ?

Thanks in advance for any help !


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    DarkCecilDarkCecil Posts: 5
    edited March 2022

    You would need to backfeed your multitrack recording into the UI-24 from the USB-A Playback port on the front panel. From there, you could route up to 8 channels at a time through each Aux-out bus and come out through the Aux XLR sockets. You'd want to make sure you route your FX to all aux outs as well, so that it gets picked up on the way out. You would then need to record the aux sends from the XLR sockets into your DAW.

    Honestly, it might be easier to just master your EQ/FX onto the raw tracks through your DAW plugins. That's what I do.

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    LenzLenz Posts: 2

    Thank you for your response, sounds interesting...

    I found meanwhile a different workaround which covers my needs:
    Routed the sum of 3 FX channels ( with the reverb signal of 3 vocal mics ) to unused channel 20 ( finally found the way how to do so, RTFM... ) and included this channel into the multitrack recording; when processing the recorded tracks afterwards, I can add some reverb from channel 20 as required. Not exactly what I wanted, but good enough...

    Yes, processing the tracks afterwards in the DAW is actually the way to do it, however I just use Audacity for the processing, and the built in reverb is really not the best one on this planet ;-)

    Thanks again

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    Yes you can do it, let me explain.

    Since the Output from the UI24r to the Daw is route with +10 channel, that means that input 01 is "daw input 11" due to the first 1-10 are the 2 Master and 8 Aux, and the signal is Post Preamp, Pre FX.

    The way to do it is to route the channels to the Aux, and use the Aux as the normal inputs in the Daw, that way the signal that the aux is receiving is Post FX... Example

    Input 1 "Kick Drum"... In the Daw, if you select Input 11 you will get the raw signal of the Kick Drum with no process, but if you send the channel 1 to the Aux 1 at unity gain you will have a Post FX kick Drum since all the FX done in the channel 1 will affect to the signal the Aux 1 is receiving.

    So, if you connect the Kick drum, in the Chanel 1, process it, send it to the Aux 1, you only need to select "Input 3" in the daw to get the signal Post FX.

    This will allow you too have 10 Post FX signals coming to the Daw, 8 mono and 2 stereo... The Overheads or Room just send them to the main out and use that "in 1&2" stereo.

    At the end it will look something like this for example

    Kick body "ui24 in 1" - Send to Aux 1 - Daw in 3
    Kick punch "ui24 in 2" - Send to Aux 2 - Daw in 4
    Snare top "ui24 in 3" - Send to Aux 3 - Daw in 5
    Snare bottom "ui24 in 4" - Send to Aux 4 - Daw in 6
    Hihat "ui24 in 5" - Send to Aux 5 - Daw in 7
    Tom 1 "ui24 in 6" - Send to Aux 6 - Daw in 8
    Tom 2 "ui24 in 7" - Send to Aux 7 - Daw in 9
    Floor Tom "ui24 in 8" - Send to Aux 8 - Daw in 10
    Overheads L "ui24 in 9" - Send to Master L - Daw in 1
    Overheads R "ui24 in 10" - Send to Master R - Daw in 2

    Is just an example, but you can use this as you like.

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