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MADI-USB Card -- Device Recognized but no sound

We have a MADI-USB Card and when I plug it into my Mac its recognized.
In Adobe Audition or even Garage band, I can assign the channel to the track but there is no signal coming through.

I have the Direct Out patch on the Si Performer 3 setup (CH 1 is assigned to MADI USB CARD 01)

Gain is set pretty high (for testing purposes) so I would see something in the DAW but nothing.

When I go back to the Macbook Pro Mic (same settings) - I see signal coming through. I think I'm doing something wrong on the mixer side but can't figure it out.


  • taidtaid Posts: 2

    Please disregard.
    CH 1 needed to get assigned to MADI USB CARD 33

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