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[Presale feature check] Signature 22 MTK Input -(USB)-> Process on PC -(USB)-> Fader -> Master Out?

I find this mixing console very appealing. I'd like to check if I'm making a wrong idea on its abilities.
I'm really interested in the multi-track feature. In my understanding, it allows to send all inputs separately to the PC for recording. OK, that's the simple one.

Now, let's say, to record is not my aim, but rather to use the PC DAW to process the input, but then, return it to the console. Does pushing the USB selector on every lane allow to hear the return from the DAW, but while still inputting sound from the top inputs simultaneously i.e., not just by playing back PC sound, but by actually hearing PC-processed input from the console inputs?

Synth -(Balanced TRS)-> S22MTK(stereo input) -(USB out per track send)-> PC DAW processing -> (USB in per track return / USB selected) -> Track Fader -> Master Out

Is this possible? Thanks. Regards.


  • tomoyo255tomoyo255 Posts: 2
    edited December 2021

    I believe pages 4:1 and 4:2 of the public documentation gives an affirmative answer.

    Indeed, USB Multi-track is sketched to get out after the gain and return just afterwards before the HPF, then downwards to the fader and so on.

    Would you concur?

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