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Ui-16 USB Recording Issues

dnjpauls1dnjpauls1 Posts: 2
edited December 2021 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles

Good Afternoon,

I have having issues recording reliably to a USB drive on our Ui-16 mixer.

Every so often, our mixer will stop recording the mix and just repeat the last half second, or so, of audio it recorded, over and over until record is turned off. This is happening more & more often. This has happened since we have had the mixer. I can't see any pattern on what is causing this to happen. We have tried different USB drives.

Today, the recording just stopped. about three quarters of the way thru the service. This is new. File size was ~1.12GB. This may have coincided with the tablet's display going to sleep, not sure, as I was running the cameras and not monitoring the tablet when it went to sleep.

I could use some help with this issue. Some one questions have;
What type of USB drives work well with the Ui-16 mixer; USB 2, USB 3, does it matter?

Is there a USB drive size limit? We have 32GB & 64GB

Does activity on the tablet affect the recording function, such as a loss of WiFi connection or the display going to sleep?

I am using the latest firmware for the Ui-16; V1.0.7548. This problem has been seen in the previous 3 versions of the firmware for the Ui-16; V1.0.5465, V1.0.5763, & V1.0.7048. Seems to occur more often in the latest version of the Ui-16's firmware.

We usually record via the USB port labeled REC. If there isn't a drive in that port, the Ui-16 will record to one of the other USB drives installed in other ports. Problem has also been seen on other ports.

Thank You,

David Paul

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