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Mac Big Sur OS suddenly will not recognize my Soundcraft Signature 12

Mac Big Sur OS, on my new MacBook Pro M1 suddenly will not recognize my Soundcraft Signature 12? It has been working well until the board got the power unplugged a couple of times and now the Mac will not recognize it. I am running it through a TP-Link powered USB box and then a USB C to USB 2 adapter. I have tried a bunch of obvious stuff, trying new usb cables etc. I cannot seem to get the Macbook to recognize the board again. I'd really appreciate any help, thanks.


  • Funny enough I figured it out by trying things a random. For anyone else who runs into this issue, it was caused by the Phantom Power button was stuck between the push on/off position. I push it on and off again and suddenly my MacBook recognized the soundboard and allowed it to be chosen as the audio device again and assign channels. But thanks anyways...

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