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Learning my new Soundcraft Signature 12 MTK---help?? on picking a DAW?? need all my channels..

Loving it so far as just mixer, but I want to record live rehearsals using all 8 ch., and then sending via USB all 8 ch. back thru the mixer to tweak. I have loaded and tried to use Ableton Live Lite--but now I am seeing that cannot send all 8 ch. back to the mixer in this DAW...Is that right? If so, what DAW will let me use 8 ch. both in and out? Maybe a free one? If not, at least and affordable one. Thanks to you all!


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    scytechscytech Posts: 148

    Unfortunately, Ableton Lite has only 2 inputs and 2 outputs. Upgrade to a Standard or Suite.
    Have been using Suite for 10 years! Haven't upgraded to 11 yet. :blush:
    Using Lexicon FW810 with a SC 200B as main channel inputs and monitoring. FW810 is an 8 in and 8 out. Ableton works fine with this setup!
    However, could try Reaper...

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