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Notepad-12FX and Zoom

Anybody here using the Notepad-12FX for Zoom meetings? I’m looking for a mixer/USB interface to use with multiple microphones for live worship streaming via Zoom on a Windows 10 PC. My understanding is that the Zoom desktop client can only receive incoming audio on USB channels 1 and 2. I also understand that the USB Audio Control Panel app for the Notepad 12FX only permits USB channels 1 and 2 to output pre-fade pre-eq signals from mics 1 and 2. The full L+R mix of all mixer inputs (post eq and post fader) can be output via USB channels 3 and 4, but apparently Zoom does not receive these channels…? In other words, it is not possible to pass the full main L+R mix from the 12FX to Zoom?

If the above is not correct, how do you set things up for Zoom to receive the full L+R mix from the 12FX?
It looks like the Notepad 8FX passes the full mix to USB channels 1 and 2, but I need more than two mic inputs.


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