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Ui24R Laptop multitrack specs needed / buying used Ui24R recommendations

I want to use the Ui24R with a laptop to mulitrack record into Reaper my acoustic drum kit (7 mics) while simultaneously recording a full band gtr/bass/keys and sax mic, while also playing back synth arps/pads like Zebra2 and Synth1 and maybe Kontakt or some generally sample based stuff and possibly also doing overdubs

I wouldn't probably be running much realtime DSP in Reaper, only playing back the aforementioned types of few Synths/Samplers, and recording 16 or less digital audio tracks simultaneously, but possibly also doing overdubs.

What multicore CPU base speed and amount of RAM would I ideally need to do this on a Windows Laptop? I am reluctant because of common latency issues.

Also, how can I make sure before purchasing a used Ui24R that it has all features working correctly?

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