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Buss Routing Feature Request UI16 / UI12

MattSuMattSu Posts: 1
edited February 2022 in Soundcraft Mixing Consoles

I don't know if Soundcraft read these forums, but if they do, then there is a software feature for the UI16/UI12 which would be very useful, and surely not too difficult to implement.

A simple channel to master mix buss routing switch. On/Off type switch.

In fact there appears to be very few buss routing options on the UI16/UI12 platform., none for the sub out or the effects returns. So it seems routing the onboard FX to a monitor mix (on an aux) is currently not possible, the only way to get an FX signal to the monitors requires the signal to also be going to the master mix.

I've read on other threads that these mixers are no longer part of Harmon's development, is this true? They are great little devices, it would be nice if some support was continued.

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