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SI Expression 3 and Logic Pro X

I am a long time Logic Pro user. My church recently purchased your Soundcraft SI Expression 3, live mixer console at our local church. We are using the MADI options to connect to a Mac Mini > to Logic Pro X -DAW. I am receiving all 32 individual channels from the board and meter readings are great. All channels are corresponding with the channels on the Soundcraft mixer.All channels "output" are set to Stereo Out. My problem is this: none of the signals are coming into the "Stereo Out" channel or the "Master" channel. Can you advise/ suggest me how to solve this. I have been attempting several solutions via google threads, Youtube videos, Soundcraft help line for over a week. We need the output signal for are live streaming.
Thank you for your immediate help!

Have a great day on purpose!
Desperate Kenny

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