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Question about Soundcraft Ui24R

HI there. I'm new to the digital mixing world for live shows. I'm thinking about getting this model (Soundcraft Ui24R). I understand that the unit has build in WIFI, and then I would connect my ipad to the Soundcraft Ui24R. Then I have to open a browser. My question is, do either of these devices (Ipad or Soundcraft Ui24R) need to have an internet connection? I don't have a data plan with my Ipad and I'm just wondering if I'm playing an outdoor gig with no internet access anywhere........how do I pull up a browser to run the mixer?


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    sc_tpr1sc_tpr1 Posts: 5

    Hey, SK. I've ordered this mixer, but I don't have it yet so I can't speak from experience. However, based on my research of similar wifi mixers, you don't actually need internet access. The mixer itself has it's own wifi access point, and it has a way to connect a router, sort of like the router you get from your internet service provider at home. This means you'll have your own private network, so you would connect your ipad wifi to that network, which will probably be named something like "UI24R 2.4 GHz" or whatever the manual says it would be. The manual should tell you what the browser URL would be to get to the mixer interface.

    Most comments about the built in wifi for all of the mixers have been pretty negative, so I'm planning to get an external router like this (still looking):

    The downside to the external router is having to configure it, but it's still worth it for the reliability. Just make sure to set up the security and give it a good password so the drunken yahoos can't connect.

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    I recently purchased the Ui24R for our church. We are using the built-in wifi hotspot and it is great. Rock solid. The default SSID is "Soundcraft Ui24". The default SSID and password can be changed to anything you want. We are using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite wireless tablet to connect. Reception is flawless everywhere in our 40x90 foot church with the Ui24R about 80 feet max from the Samsung tablet. No need to use an external router. The Ui24R's dual antennas work great in our space, no need to replace them.

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