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Notepad 5 and Windows 11

I am having serious issues with audio coming to my Windows 11 box.

First, in Ableton 10 Lite the audio signal is choppy and almost inaudible at all sample rate settings.

I works in Ableton 11 on my macbook pro but windows, not a chance. Actually it states sometimes that the audio device has been disconnected and won't connect again until I disconnect and power it down and back on again.

A related question, does this only work inside a DAW? I was hoping it would act like every other interface I have own and work as an audio input device that didn't require a DAW to hear audio from.

Really frustrated but don't want to return since it was a custom order. Considering returning it though...


  • Does anyone from Soundcraft answer questions on these forums? It doesn't look like it and thus making my purchase useless. Too bad it seemed like a nice unit and I will return it!

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