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Soundcraft UI24R - Power switch. Power on and off at mixer.

Question: Does it matter when shutting down the mixer, whether you use the onboard "on&off" switch on the side of the unit, or just shut off power from the power receptacle source? Our band has been using the UI24R since 2019 with success aside from the standard wireless issues and occasional glitches, very solid. The mixer is rack mounted. We use a UPS for the mixer power and normal shut down sequences; Mute all, save show, power down speakers and floor wedge monitors, turn off switch inside of the rack on the side of the mixer -OR- turn off UPS without turning off the switch, we have used both methods. Does it matter if the switch is turned off or is it okay to power down externally using the UPS only. There was speculation or rumor by someone that disconnecting power externally without using the mixer switch could cause a corrupt system? I need a Harmon Technical person to please advise ASAP.


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    looeylooey Posts: 1
    Hi. Did you get any response to this? Mine is rack mounted too and I can't get to the power switch. It worries me! Thanks
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    Turning the power switch off and unplugging outlet are definitely same action. Don't matter.

    However, let me put an advising here.
    This is NOT an official information. Just I found it from my experience. Please understand.

    If you have a habit to save a snapshot every time before turning off, I don't need to say anything.

    Ui24r seems saving own state automatically in 10 or 15 seconds frequency. This is shorter than Behringer, but longer than YAMAHA.

    Maybe YAMAHA is saving the state continuously, so their digital console doesn't have a shut-down command. Behringer has the shut-sown command and that command means force to save the sate for next booting.

    You know, Ui24R doesn't have a "shut-down" command.
    But it seems saving frequency is 10 - 15 seconds.
    It means that you might be back to 10 seconds past before shut down after rebooting. If you were lucky in the timing, you can be back to same sate of you off, though.

    My advice is that you should wait 15 seconds patiently before power-off. Otherwise, suggest to save a snapshot before off.

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