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Ui24R - No output

jrf_visitorjrf_visitor Posts: 2

Hi all,
I'm new to this group and struggling with the Ui24R setup. My band will be primarily using this as a multichannel interface to record drums. I've managed to download/install audio drivers (Multi-channelUSBAudio_DriverSetup_v3.20.0), connect to my DAW (Reaper) and record some audio in.
I'm struggling to get any audio out. I can record audio in and can see it playing back in reaper but can't hear anything through Reaper with the Ui24R as the audio device. If I change back to my Scarlett as the audio device, I can hear what I've recorded. If I try to play anything back through my PC (youtube for example) = no audio. I don't know the name of the Ui24R audio device as there are loads to choose from 'Lineout XX/XX'...
To be clear, when changing between the 2 devices I'm also swapping the audio L+R cables (going to my speakers) between the devices. I'm connecting the 1/4" jack master outputs to my speakers. I also tried the headphones and they give nothing either.

Also - I CAN hear audio routing through the unit to my speakers. So, when I talk through the mic it is then coming out of my master outputs on the Ui24R and through my speakers. The issue is playback via Reaper DAW and/or my PC.

I'm SURE it must be a setting in the Ui24R UI but I can't find it for the life of me. Maybe an audio driver issue?
Any help would be appreciated.


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    PS - I am making an assumption here that you can use the Ui24R as an audio device for recording and playback and not just recording/routing the live audio. I expected it to be just as simple as connecting a Scarlett (mine is an 6i8).

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    MajakMajak Posts: 1

    Hey guys,

    I ve got the same problem.

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    Hey everybody! I had the same problems and turned mad trying to re recable,…

    Here’s the solution:
    In essence it is about to dedicate 2 inputs to route back to soundcraft the DAW output. Consider DAW output is NOT soundcraft Output, so when you map the audio out from Reaper back to soundcraft, then automatically sounds over MASTER SPEAKERS.
    (The explanation is on the video with step by step)

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    ttangottango Posts: 13

    The mixer uses INPUTs 1 and 2 as the interface from the DAW as the outputs. weird. if you are using inputs 1 and 2, make sure they are dialed in first before connecting to the daw as you will lose the input slider for 1 and 2. well all patched items actually
    connect the daw under patch 1-16 for example point 1 and 2 to MR and ML. the gain slider is how loud the signal is being returned from the computer. I don't know why they did it this way, it's crazy. so basically the inputs are the outputs from the DAW.

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