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Ui24 delay FX not working

Channel is not muted, delay slider in Edit>FX Sends is up and not muted with Basic Delay selected. I see signal in the channel meter.
FX Sends slider on channel is up and not muted. I see input signal at channel but no signal at FX Delay bus.

Same at FX returns. Slider is up and not muted. No signal in meter.

Any suggestions?


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    ccabwccabw Posts: 2
    Not sure if this is the same issue, but i was having no delay first time using the board. You must open the delay in edit and tap in the blank screen in the graphic and select one of the echo types from the list. It then displays that in the little screen in the delay graphic... then it works. Seems there is no default effect for the 4 effects until you choose which effect and which type for each.
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