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Signature 12 as USB Interface and HDMI

I'm using my signature 12 as en USB Audio interface to my Ipad Pro 3rd generation via an USB-C hub.
when i connect my Signature 12 then an HDMI cable to my USB-C hub, i lose the Signature 12 as An USB Audio interface.
I've Tried 8 differents USB-C hubs and with none i'm able to to have at the same time USB Audio from Interface and Output to HDMI.
I've tried 3 differents cables from Signature 12 to Usb-C hub.
And when i use my ZoomH6 instead of my Signature 12, it works like a charm: USB Audio from ZoomH6 and Output HDMI...
So the trouble is coming from Signature 12 i guess.
Do some of you face the same trouble ?
Many thanks for helping !

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