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Disgusted in Service Level - +1 week phone still not answered - request employee PM

raidfireraidfire Posts: 7

Another week has passed I still cannot raise any sign of life from the Bulgarian Service Partner via any method, I still need parts.
Could someone from soundcraft please engage with me to assist in getting some after sales support in Bulgaria.
A good place to start would be advising them how to order spares from head office, they clearly stated on the on only phonecall they did answer is they never did, don't know how to do it and are not about to learn how for some old mixer parts.


  • raidfireraidfire Posts: 7

    Anybody care to respond?

  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 221

    @raidfire keep in mind this is not a direct conduit to Tech Support. I would recommend reaching out to Factor TC:


  • raidfireraidfire Posts: 7
    edited June 21

    @harman_rob And that link takes me directly to the people I have been trying to get a response from for over a month.

    The whole point of my posts is any link from this site for support takes me to factor TC who steadfastly refuse to get involved in aftersales support and he wont answer the phone after the 1st contact.
    They do not know how to order parts from head office, the product manager very clearly told me factor do sales and not service, and for sure not parts for a legacy mixer.
    Who can i go to, to speak in bulgarian language who does know how to order parts?

  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 221

    What is the device and what "parts" are you looking for? In general, service centers and Tech Support will help repair or replace a failed device, whether in-warranty or out-of-warranty, but will typically not ship out individual parts & components.

  • raidfireraidfire Posts: 7
    edited June 22

    lx7 v1 is the board

    DF0660 x3 but part of this is I want to speak to someone knowledgeable with the board, Greek and Dutch websites list this as a PFL and mute button, I need a channel monitor button is it the same part. visual inspection suggests so.

    Also our in house technician diagnosed the following i was also looking for advice on our conclusion:
    channel 4 monitor led flashes randomly, fiddling with the switch can invoke it, testing the tracks the switch runs on it appears the tracks short out at the dodgy switch, no channel routes audio to headphones. Looks like not much of an issue. 2 other mon switches look to be going the same way.

    I don't want to take the desk to factor, i pay a technician a salary to do everything in house, I just need 3x monitor switches, available in Bulgarian leva for cash on delivery as is normal here.

    Sorry for being frustrated but I'm looking also to upgrade soon I don't want to push the button on a big console if i cant even get support on something small like an lx7, all the other european sites you link from here have good parts and price lists, I just want the same quality of service provided by other euro partners in bulgarian language and currency without needing to place an international order, the head technician had never seen the desk, and had no idea even who to ask for parts, a little training and a kick on the SLA terms between yourselves and factor would be appreciated.

    I will PM you the phone number of the bulgarian product manager, his english is ok, have a try see if you can get him to answer, it took me a month and no response since.

    A reasonable conclusion to this would be for him to make the promised return call as follow up to our conversation on the 1s of June, giving me the final price in leva and enquiring which courier office to deliver to.

  • raidfireraidfire Posts: 7
    edited June 22

    Also they are duty bound by EU law:
    Manufacturers must provide spare parts
    To ensure that spare parts are available within a reasonable period of time and at an attractive price, rules have been imposed on manufacturers since 1 March 2021:

    Manufacturers must assure the delivery of spare parts within a waiting period of 15 days.
    Manufacturers must provide to consumers a list of spare parts available on the internet.
    Manufacturers have the obligation to clearly explain through the documentation the defects that may occur, how to carry out repairs, and their cost.
    Manufacturers must guarantee that the parts of the appliance can be replaced with classic tools.

  • HARMAN_RobHARMAN_Rob Product Management Posts: 221

    I've replied to your private message on this.

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