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Notepad-8FX - Master/Aux headphone levels wildly uneven - Can't check Aux from main headphone output

Headphones plugged in to Aux sound good. (2nd monitor)
Headphones plugged in to Master switched to Master sound good. (1st monitor)
Headphones plugged in to Master switched to Aux inaudible unless I turn the Phones Level to 10. (1st checking 2nd monitor)

When I have everything set so that the Aux output is working as a second headphone jack and then I move to the Master headphone jack, using the Master/Aux switch to check the Aux output is inaudibly low. I thought that I could quickly switch from Master to Aux from the headphone jack to check what my second person is hearing in their headphones (Aux). Instead, I need to turn the headphone level WAY up to hear their Aux output and then, before I switch back to Master, I need to turn it all of the way back down or be deafened.
I'm new at this, so it's possible I've missed something.

Input XLR to Mic1
Gain: 3:00
Aux/FX: 0
Level: 10:00

Input XLR to Mic2 same settings as Input XLR to Mic1

Aux Master: 1
FX: off
FX Parameter: 0
Aux Output Type: Stereo Phones
Phones Level: 1

USB: not connected, never connected


  • mlitty_UNCPmlitty_UNCP Posts: 4
    edited June 2022

    The Master/Aux button for the main headphone out doesn't work. When I switch to AUX, there's no level, no sound.

    This worked once but doesn't now.
    Set up as if for one set of master headphones (gain, EQ, balance, level.)
    Set Phones level for main phones.
    Turn AUX/FX all of the way down for all inputs.
    Set Aux Master to 0dB
    Increase/set input Aux/FX levels to taste for mix.
    Use Aux Master to adjust Aux mix up and down.

    I'm new so, again, this could be wrong but it solved the issue for me.

  • mlitty_UNCPmlitty_UNCP Posts: 4
    edited June 2022

    Okay, still not working consistently.
    The only thing I can think of is that I don't have it connected to the computer.

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