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Soundcraft Sig 12 MTK - sound only mono

Hi there,

I have the Soundcraft signature 12 MTK now for two days. I used windows and my DAW is ableton.

I read the manual twice but I can't find a solution. I installed the driver and selected in windows for playback channel 11/12. I also pressed the USB RTN button. I got sound, but only on one of my speakers. It's always on the right. Nothing happens when I use the panning, it's also on the right. I connected the peaker via AUX1. I deinstalled the driver and installed it 5 times.

What I also don't know .... I pressed the MST button, but it seems there is no function. I can pull the master fader but nothing happens. I tried google and youtube now for two days, but I really don't know what to do.

Is the anybody who can help please?

Thanks a lot.



  • When I pluged the headphones in, I also get one signal on both sides. When I use the panning, nothing happens. When I pan in my DAW, I hear the sound on both sides too.

  • Ok, two possibilities why no one is responding here. First possibility: I am the only person in the world who has this problem.
    Second possibility: I am so stupid about this "problem" that it is not worth to answer. Both possibilities could be true.

  • lisl98lisl98 Posts: 1

    Did you solve this problem? it seems i have the same
    I got a signature 22mtk - plugged with my PC. The mixer sends only right signal. don't know how to solve. if anyone solved the same problem please answere

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