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Ui24R USB port cannot write to NTFS-formatted USB Stick?

New member here, and two whole weeks of experience with my first digital mixer.

I tried recording our performance with a USB stick I had formatted with NTFS (instead of FAT32). When I push my F2 record button, the console reports that it cannot write to the USB drive. (It works fine when stick is formatted FAT32). Is this incompatibility built into the Ui24? Or is there a way around it? I am running the latest firmware version, 3.3.8293-ui24.


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    You need to re-format the stick to FAT. NTFS is unsupported.

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    jonesyjonesy Posts: 7

    Make sure that it's fat32 as well, not ex-fat. If your USB stick is large, windows won't offer to format as fat32, and you might need to use something like rufus https://rufus.ie/downloads/

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    My UI16: When I try to export shows to a USB stick it says: USB stick not found. I have formatted the stick to FAT32. What could the problem be? I have the latest firmware: 1.0.7548-ui16

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    I am not sure the 16 but I guess the problem.

    It should be MBR (master boot record) style FAT32.

    GPT (GUID partition table ) style or other something is not allowed.

    Check the format style.
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