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Notepad 12FX: Using Line/Jack in the MIC input regarding Phantom Power and Preamp.


If I plug a Line/Jack cable into the MIC input (mono), will it

A) Send Phantom Power (which it always does using XLR)?

B) Use the boards Preamp?

I don't wanna use either of the above really.

Maybe "B" is something I can turn On/Off via software if I plug it to a computer? I am using it standalone as of now but if I can plug it to a PC and turn it off, then use it standalone (not hooked up to a PC!) and it will still be turned off?


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    jokklasjokklas Posts: 3

    Can't seem to edit the post, accidently pasted 12FX instead of the 8FX which is my board. And my "B" question got itself a dude with sunglasses :-(

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