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UI24R - No Network Reset possible

I tried to hold the reset button for 10 (or less or more) seconds while starting the device. Still the Network pw is not resetted. I forgot it, so I want to set a new one. admin is the standard one, right? Does not work (in case it was already reset.) firmware is 3.3.
Thanks for help


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    MarcoRMarcoR Posts: 3

    Info: I added this question to the mixer theme discussions

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    Estou com mesmo problema, botão reset, não aciona. Existe outra forma de reset pelo computador.
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    hefhef Posts: 1

    did you ever get a resolution? I'm having the same issue, tried even renaming the fullreset.txt to only fullreset as some have mentioned.... I never get past the blinking green lights and the monitor is at the loadup screen saying "loading..." but never moves past that regardless of how long i've waiting to power down.

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