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Compact stagebox not working with SI Compact

Stagebox has been on ice since COVID. Tried a system check and showing fail indicators on cards A, C, E, K & L. Sots K & L are empty so I'm not concerned about them. A & C are inputs. E is 8 analog out and 4 AES outs.

VD and ACT indicators flashing intermittently at best. Very short flashes. Time varies from roughly one to 5 seconds apart.
No activity on VA and LK LEDs.

On MADI card, the master lock LED is literally flashing a repeating SOS. Three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes non stop.

The aux lock LED is extremely dim with occasional very short, bright flashes.

Sometimes the phantom power indicators come on for card A when I power up, sometimes card C, sometimes both or sometimes neither.

The SI Compact 32 is version 3.3 build 0006. I just did a factory reset and reloaded the software. And tried the reconfig.

How do I go about getting this thing fixed?


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