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I am new to the UI24R. A lot of the set up has been intuitive but there is one thing (so far) I can’t figure out. How do you set your phone or tablet so that you have your aux view. We use these for IEMs and each member has a device. I intend to lock them out so that they only have their aux view so they can’t change the mains or any of their Bandmates’ views. But, so far I haven’t been able to figure out how to even get the aux view. If I didn’t explain the problem adequately just let me know and thanks in advance for your response.


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    Click the gear icon ( or hit your keyboard's 7 key ) , and go to "ACCESS" .

    Click "ENABLE".
    Who knows this password can be LOGIN as the master.
    The master can set permissions to slave who don't know the master password.
    If you highlight "AUX LEVEL" in the ALLOW-CLIENT-ACCESS column, they can adjust AUX LEVEL even if they don't know the master password.

    Master can't prohibit or permit these AUX numbers individually for each clients else but each slave client users can set each ownselves AUX numbers at the LOCAL AUX CONTROL ( Soft access enabler ).

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    Ok, so I’ve set the master password, and I’ve highlighted AUX LEVEL. Now how does the guitar player get to view on his iPad the aux that I have set up for him? And, how does the drummer get to his aux but not to the guitar player’s aux? And how do I prevent anyone else from getting to the aux’s? Why is there apparently no ability to set up user names and passwords? Am I missing something?

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    edited November 2022

    Local aux control (Soft access enabler) is that.
    Each player have to select it for own.
    Master can't force it to each.

    When the AUX were permitted, slave ( logged out ) users can select them for own.

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