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Does soundcraft signature 16 have an amplifier?

Hi, does soundcraft signature 16 have an amplifier in iyself? Does it work with passive speakers or active speakers only? If not, does it need some extra set up?

Thank you for help


  • As far as I am aware it’s active set up it’s not an amplified pa so you need powered speakers

  • it has pre-amps..... i am goingb to say this one time.....these Ui mixers are for the birds....... they convert your music into mp3's, mix it, reverb it, squish it, then output this thin cheesey ndigi signal....... if u have a Mackie analogue mixer to compare bthese to u will be shocked...... any mackie, the 1202, 1402, 1604....any version...has an analogue path..... the mixer does not affect the3 signal....but these soundcrafts are a bad idea.....maybe Midas, at 5000$ does a better jib.......

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