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Si Performer: how to get a MADI output as an input on the board??

Hello - been searching everywhere - can't seem to find this.... I've got a Si Performer 3 with the MADI cards and stage boxes, but what I need to do is use the MADI outputs (from a DAW) as inputs on the board... and I can only seem to figure out how to do that by taking an already-existing Input (ie, my CD player) and change its input patch to the MADI USB. But then of course, I lose that original input... In other words, it's like I need to "create" a new Input, so I can assign it to a slider. (I have lots of unused sliders available.) What am I missing? How do I create a brand-new input source, to assign to an unused fader? (I know how to assign unused faders, but as I said, MADI USB doesn't show up as an available input for anything, unless it's an already-existing input.) I feel like I'm missing something terribly simple. Thanks in advance!
- Jon

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