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using the signature mtk 12 with a focusrite scarlett 414

I have used a scarlett 414 for years with cakewalk sonar. I just got a signature mtk 12 yesterday in hopes of using both. After installing the drivers for the mtk, it showed up in cakewalk under devices, however it was grayed out and unselectable leaving me only the 414 as a selectable device for recording or playback. I was hoping that I could use the mtk as my input source and the 414 as my summed output. Does anyone know if it's possible to have the mtk and another sound card work together in this type of set up? And if so, any idea what I might have set up wrong? Thank you.


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    Pretty sure there's only one driver to install for the 12mtk. I'd temporarily uninstall the 414 driver and see if the 12mtk shows up (not greyed out). It shouldn't make a difference though.

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