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Is there a Ghost in the Soundcraft Ghost?

Boo !

I have one of the more recent Soundcraft Ghost Le's. It was purchased not knowing much of its History. It had some obvious problems that I quickly resolved as I found a ribbon cable not fully plugged in.

The 1'st time I powered it up I noticed some random PFL and CLR led's lit up. I pushed the switches and they went off. I then powered down and on again. No led's lit. I figured all is ok.
Next morning I powered up the Ghost and again random PFL and CLR led's on the B bus.

If I power up after a longer period of time this problem occurs, When powering up after a short period of time there is no Issues at all.. I am thinking this could be a (CPS-275) power supply issue. I do have two supplies.. What do you think?
Could it be a Ghost in the machine? OR?

Best regards to all.


  • I resolved the PFL Led problem as there was a ribbon cable not seated well. Now I have the CUT leds only and that is looking like a latching problem with a bad logic chip..
    I see not much help here.. What a useless forum !

  • scytechscytech Posts: 146

    Hello! Just a comment on being a useless forum. From our point of view, you describe an issue that eventually was fixed by 'inspecting' and "troubleshooting' in situ. We can only be spectators at this point. When we respond to a query, it is usually because of your troubleshooting insight and possible leads. You are our eyes! :smile:
    You initially mention that you fixed the initial problem by inspecting and resolving in situ (reseated disconnected connector). Following, you also discover another symptom, and also resolved in situ (another disconnected connector issue!).
    Your latest issue is now intriguing! From your reported experience at this point, we know that the ribbon cable appears responsible for several issues. Why not this one? Inspect each connector and make sure there is proper contact. Inspect input module mounting connector for cold solder joint. Disconnect the ribbon cable from channel module.
    Does the CUT function correctly in the output section (without channels connected)? If no, then perhaps as you mention, a latch issue at the master section. Check for poor solder connections.
    However, if it functions normally in the master section, then we can assume that the issue is in the channel section.
    Connect channel inputs one by one, testing operations of interest. If first channel operates normally, then go down the line connecting each channel until operation fails! Bypass this channel and continue down the line to determine if other channels are at fault.
    Can you give me more feedback on your troubleshooting? It may be a power supply issue! Are all the rails available to each channel? To the master and group modules? Some rails could be protected by a 'fuse' resistor, which may have failed.

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