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Can't solo matrix on ui24r - 2 year old bug

There's a bug in firmware 3.3 that means that when you solo a matrix output, there's just silence in the headphones.

I reported this bug to Harman support in November 2020, and was tole that it had been submitted to the software division for resolution in a future firmware release.

Despite multiple requests over the past two years, and assurances during that time that the ui24r is still being actively developed for, no new firmware with this bug fixed has arrived, and support has stopped responding to me.

The ui24r is still being sold and marketed as a current product line, it is ridiculous to have bugs like this remaining unfixed years later. Where is the firmware update, Harman?


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    You are completely right.
    Matrix solo still works as AUX solo. Even though it has switched as Matrix, solo function works to solo the last AUX state. If you were sending audio to the AUX before switching it to Matrix, you hear the AUX mix in SOLO of MTX. I guess, that bug fixing is not so difficult for programmers.

    By the way, I found another bug.
    We can export "SHOWS" to our USB stick to carry them to another units or same unit after full-reset.
    Exported each show contents some "snapshots" and "cues".


    When we import those shows from USB stick to unit of ui24r, all of snapshots will be imported correctly but all of cues will be ignored.
    We must lose "cues".
    This is also a big issue.
    Even if this device would be discontinued, such these terrible bugs should be fixed, I think.
    Definitely It's not been discontinued, though.

    I purchased new ui24r last month.
    That one has 3.3 firm as default.
    It means that I can't downgrade firmware.
    I am okay if they are going to build updater....
    I want to believe they have a pride as sound-craft.

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